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My Last Homecoming

As I walked though the rain this morning it hit me that this is my last homecoming.

As a student.

I’ve been sad and nostalgic lately, knowing my time at UT is almost over. UT is my home, and I don’t want to leave.

The good thing about home is that you can always go back.

That’s the purpose of homecoming. It’s so all of the students who’ve already graduated and moved on with their lives can come back…home. Everyone can relive their past. During homecoming, there aren’t students, parents, and alumni.

We’re all Vols. We all bleed orange and sing Rocky Top and tailgate and laugh and cry and enjoy Knoxville.

Homecoming isn’t just about pomping and parades. It’s a time for us to be one. Our only enemy is the team we play. And for that one day, everyone is home again.

So if you’re a senior, a mom, a grandfather, an alum…whoever. Remember that tomorrow it doesn’t matter if you’re a student or not. Because you’re a Volunteer and you’ll give your all for Tennessee.

*Photo credit to Saturdaydownsouth.com


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…And who are you?

Hello! My name is Rachelle (sounds like ‘Rachel’) Blake (sounds like ‘Blake’) and I’m a senior at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. 

I created this blog to showcase some of my work. I’m an aspiring journalist. I’ve been working toward my goal for over a decade now. 

USA Today offers an amazing College Correspondence program for journalists in the visual and writing fields. Although I have many pieces of work I’ve done scattered all over the web, it’s not centralized. 

This blog will act as my portfolio so that I may apply for the visual position in the program. Regardless if I’m accepted, I’d still like to continuously update this for my own enjoyment. 

If you have a story idea or a concern that you’d like me to look into, then please shoot me an email at rblake5@vols.utk.edu

The whole reason I want to be a journalist is so that I may give a voice to those who are unable to speak and therefore may subsequently be able to change the world in some manner, no matter how small. 

In high school I worked at my school newspaper (The Dragon Spirit) for two years. First year as a reporter, second year as Business Manager and I had the honor of writing my own column monthly. For three years I acted as publicity chair of our theatre program. One year I was publicity chair for choir, as well. Then finally, senior year, I had the privilege of anchoring our morning TV station several times a week.

Since I’ve been to UT I’ve seen exponential growth in my work and definitely improvement. I spent three years at our campus radio station. Two of those years I consistently deejayed for three hours a week. The last two years at that job I also worked in the office writing liners, giveaways, web stories. I also scheduled deejays, took care of anyone coming in to claim a prize, organized an employee gathering (“Family Lunch”), and could run the station by myself if the actual staff members were out for the day.

I’m currently interning at WBIR-Channel 10 and have been since the beginning of the summer. I’ve shadowed and worked with directors, producers, reporters, photographers, and production assistants. I would love to continue to gain experience by being accepted to the USA Today College Correspondence program. But if not, we will see where life takes me next!