Journalist at the University of Tennessee and the work I've done

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…And who are you?

Hello! My name is Rachelle (sounds like ‘Rachel’) Blake (sounds like ‘Blake’) and I’m a senior at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. 

I created this blog to showcase some of my work. I’m an aspiring journalist. I’ve been working toward my goal for over a decade now. 

USA Today offers an amazing College Correspondence program for journalists in the visual and writing fields. Although I have many pieces of work I’ve done scattered all over the web, it’s not centralized. 

This blog will act as my portfolio so that I may apply for the visual position in the program. Regardless if I’m accepted, I’d still like to continuously update this for my own enjoyment. 

If you have a story idea or a concern that you’d like me to look into, then please shoot me an email at rblake5@vols.utk.edu

The whole reason I want to be a journalist is so that I may give a voice to those who are unable to speak and therefore may subsequently be able to change the world in some manner, no matter how small. 

In high school I worked at my school newspaper (The Dragon Spirit) for two years. First year as a reporter, second year as Business Manager and I had the honor of writing my own column monthly. For three years I acted as publicity chair of our theatre program. One year I was publicity chair for choir, as well. Then finally, senior year, I had the privilege of anchoring our morning TV station several times a week.

Since I’ve been to UT I’ve seen exponential growth in my work and definitely improvement. I spent three years at our campus radio station. Two of those years I consistently deejayed for three hours a week. The last two years at that job I also worked in the office writing liners, giveaways, web stories. I also scheduled deejays, took care of anyone coming in to claim a prize, organized an employee gathering (“Family Lunch”), and could run the station by myself if the actual staff members were out for the day.

I’m currently interning at WBIR-Channel 10 and have been since the beginning of the summer. I’ve shadowed and worked with directors, producers, reporters, photographers, and production assistants. I would love to continue to gain experience by being accepted to the USA Today College Correspondence program. But if not, we will see where life takes me next!