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The future of Journalism and my new goal

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A very informative, and thought-provoking article:

Why Small Local Sites *Must* Have Multiple Revenue Streams by Tom Grubisich

Jake Batsell, the main voice in the article, is speaking to my JEM 499 class today. I’m excited. Being a journalist in today’s fast-paced society is both empowering and terrifying. There are so many options. Since I’m graduating in May, my future career is weighing heavily on my mind.

Mr. Batsell’s ideas propelled me to create a goal for myself.

Every Friday I’ll publish an article. Starting this week.

The story will be something that benefits society to consume. Whether it be a hard news story or entertainment, advice or observation. I need a challenge.

Idea you’d like to see a story on? Tweet me. Message me. Email, if that’s your thing.



Author: rachelleblake

Currently a Journalism student at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Aspiring journalist for over a decade.

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